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Quality Not Quantity At Pitsford - December 21st 2013

22 December 2013 0 Comments
  • Despite the wild weather, and the often violent winds, Pitsford is still producing some quality fish from the bank and is well worth a last cast before the New Year Eve Season Close. It is definitely, however, quality not quantity at the moment. Yesterday, the 21st Dec from midday, I took two rainbows in 3 hours fishing during a mild break from the inclement weather. I took my first fish a 4lb Rainbow on my third cast on a large bead eyed cats whisker. Spooning this fish I found it full of water boatmen, and I mean brimming full! So I put a Black Hare’s Ear on one of the droppers and another black/olive bug style grayling nymph. This set up almost immediately produced a solid take whilst fished through the decaying weed-beds. The fish ran aggressively and a lean, tip top condition rainbow came to the net, which weight in a 7lb 8oz. Shortly after this a strong squall came through which seemed to put the fish off and I had only the odd light tap before packing up at 3pm. It still proved there were good fish around actively feeding and I ll be sure to be there again before the season close.

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