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Shrimp Patterns Still Producing Quality December Grafham Trout

19 December 2013 0 Comments
  • The bank fishing at Grafham continues to be very good with some exceptional fish being caught. The colder water has still not put the shrimp to sleep and, whilst they are not present in the numbers seen in previous years, they are still massively on the trout’s menu and showing up in all spooned and gutted fish. The colour, size and depth/speed of the pattern fished are essential to success at the moment. We have found size 12-16 shrimpy patterns held 4-6 inches down with coral boobies or big minkie boobies on the point. Most of the fish, caught by the Troutzilla team, on our last product testing day were over 3lbs in size and hit light beige size 12 scud patterns and the action was manic once we had only these on our cast. Only two before they had only wanted size 16 olive shrimps. The most interesting part of our day was that as the light faded the trout became even more aggressive to minkie and cat’s whisker patterns fished on full floaters.

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